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Dental Implants

The pain of tooth loss is more than physical. Embarrassment, loss of functionality, and loss of self-confidence can follow missing teeth no matter how old you are. Thankfully, Milpitas Smile Design offers a modern tooth loss solution minus the discomfort of dentures or bridges. Dental implants could be for you!

What are dental implants? They’re basically a tooth replacement option that is permanent, sturdy, great-looking, and healthy! Dental implants form a chemical and mechanical bond with your jawbone and become a part of your natural teeth—so much that the jawbone actually fuses with the implant!

The result is that you’ll be able to chew normally, flash a restored smile, and maintain better oral health than with ill-fitting dentures that you might lose in the garbage!

If dental implants appeal to you, contact Milpitas Smile Design to see if you could be a candidate for this life-changing technology. After all, dental implants look, act, and feel like your natural teeth and can restore your mouth to its original health and beauty.

In a consultation, we’ll analyze your individual situation and determine if your oral tissues are healthy enough and your jawbone is in good enough shape for an implant. If not, our dentists will be happy to recommend another dental makeover solution! Still, you’ll never know until you try!

Don’t delay—a perfectly-fitted dental implant that’ll look as good as or even better than your original teeth could be yours. Schedule an appointment today by dialing (408) 934-0693 or clicking the button below. Get ready for a smile you never thought was possible!

Ready for the smile makeover of your dreams?

Whether you’re a new or longtime patient, you can count on Milpitas Smile Design for safe, friendly, and quality service. Book an appointment with us today. Your smile will love you for it!